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The CAOS project and the University of Uppsala host the International Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture on Organic Soils from 23-24 November 2017 at Uppsala, Sweden.


Researchers funded through FACCE-JPI join forces to provide recommendations to tackle climate change

The 2nd annual meeting of the CAOS project was held at the Aarhus University Foulum in Tjele from 21th to 23th November 2016.

The 1st annual meeting of the CAOS project was held at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) in Jokioinen from 11th to 12th November 2015.

Participants of the annual CAOS meeting 2015 in Jokioinen, Finland

From April 2015 onwards, extensive field campaigns were carried in order to establish ground water monitoring sites on up to 10 agricultural fields in each participating country. Concomitantly, soil profiles were characterized, soil samples for physical and chemical analysis taken and soil…

Sampling of vertical soil cores in Germany to estimate carbon and nitrogen profiles and land surface subsidence

On 21st of September 2015 the Common Kickoff meeting of the FACCE-JPI ERA-NET Plus call on Climate Smart Agriculture was held at INRA headquarters in Paris.

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